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Sakkan Realty will provide a unique opportunity to invest in multifamily real estate while exclusively using Sharia-Compliant financing.

Sakkan Realty was formed in 2022 by Issam Dairanieh and A.J. Manaseer to provide investors with institutional-quality multifamily real estate investment opportunities while using Sharia-Compliant financing. With public markets witnessing high volatility, investing in real estate presents a compelling option for both stability and diversification. Not only have such investments consistently produced higher returns than publicly-traded stocks, but they are also far more tax advantageous.

Almost all real estate investment opportunities in both the public and the private markets have been tainted with concerns about the permissibility of traditional financing (interest-bearing loans). While some Muslims engage in bank-backed financing for their personal homes out of necessity, they shy away from discretionary investing options that have a cloud over their permissibility. Sakkan Realty was formed to address a desire from a broad set of Muslims to invest directly in real estate.


Average Annualized Rolling Twenty-Year Returns


US Stocks

Sakkan Realty will use our deep sector knowledge and years of experience in identifying and operating properties to pursue investment opportunities that satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Sharia-Compliance:  We will ensure that all investments and sources of financing are Sharia-compliant, without sacrificing returns.

  2. Multifamily Housing:  We will focus on the area of our expertise – Class B/C multifamily housing, in healthy, low-volatility markets with positive job growth and demographic trends.

  3. Stabilized or Value-add:  We will seek opportunities that offer either strong in-place returns, or where value can be created through judicious improvements to the property and/or units.

  4. Exceptional Risk-Adjusted Returns:  We will use rigorous underwriting and due diligence practices to target opportunities that provide compelling returns all while keeping a close on eye risk.

  5. Investment Structure:  The investment is set-up as a partnership and investors will receive financial reports on a quarterly basis.

  6. Tax Efficiency:  Investors may benefit from various tax advantages made possible through real estate investing.

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